OzLINK Mobile Puts Your Warehouse In The Cloud!

OzLINK Mobile enables you to quickly receive purchase orders, dynamically move inventory, and pick orders faster without making mistakes.

All this using a few simple prompts on a wireless mobile computer with a built-in barcode scanner.

OzLINK Mobile Feature Overview

Order Picking
Options for paperless or paper based picking
Pick individual or multiple orders
Directs user efficiently through the warehouse
Verifies correct items are picked at the shelf
Collects source bin speeding order fulfillment
Collects serial and lot numbers
Inventory Move and Put Away
Ensures NetSuite knows where items are located at all times
Directs user to quickly stock newly received inventory
Easily moves existing items between bins
Always assigns bins to items when needed
Purchase Order Receiving
Quickly and accurately verify purchase order receipts on the dock
Work with or without bins
Receive a single box or an entire container of products
Instantly alert user to purchase order discrepancies
Cycle Count
Lets you determine how and what to count
Uses a "blind count" to accurately determine stock levels
Reporting allows review of counts before committing to NetSuite
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