OzEXE is a multi-tenant cloud integration development and deployment platform. It enables systems integrators, value-added-resellers, IT professionals, business consultants, and other programmers to quickly solve the four most common business software implementation challenges: business application integration, application extensions, redundant process automation and the creation of data centric utilities.
Application integration is the intelligent exchange of data between two or more independent applications or systems. The applications can be Web-based, Windows-based, a legacy application or even a hardware device. For example, automatically retrieve order information from a web store and enter it in a Windows based accounting system.
Application extensions are additions of functionality or the enhancement of a feature within an existing business application. For example, your warehouse management software needs RFID support. With OzEXE, you can retrieve, analyze and manipulate information from an RFID controller before sending the data on to the warehouse management software.
Process automation is the reduction or elimination of mistake prone, redundant, and labor intensive tasks. For example, when an order is shipped, automatically notify the customer, apply shipping charges and trigger the invoicing process or, automatically insert orders taken by a third-party into your order management system.
A data centric utility can be any program that analyzes, formats, displays or manipulates data. For example, an application that analyzes spam filter log files or a utility that combines and filters data stored in multiple locations for easy end-user viewing.
The OzEXE language takes a minimalist approach to programming. Designed specifically for business application integration and business application development, the OzEXE language resembles other common programming languages. This leads to a shorter learning curve, faster results, easier code maintenance and ultimately, happier customers. The IDE is replete with features such as an intelligent code editor, code wizards, a visual dialog editor, and an easy to navigate tree-view summary of your executable. The help system documents the OzEXE IDE and language and is full of sample code further reducing the learning curve. Anyone with any previous programming experience will immediately find OzEXE familiar.
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