Thinking like this doesn't happen every day.
Some software and services look great at the outset. They purport to solve all of your problems, and everything should go smoothly. Then you quickly learn, that when one system changes, your new software needs an update. We thought - what if our software adapts with those changes, so it doesn't have to be modified? That's OzLINK. Easy to work with, easy to impress clients. Low to no maintenance. Now that's a solution.
Easily build, deliver and manage custom solutions with the Oz Development Platform
The Oz Development Platform is a set of tools used to build business solutions that run either in the cloud or on-premise, and are a complement to existing core business systems; moving data between this systems, automating routing tasks or filling gaps in application feature sets. All of our OzLINK solutions are built on the Oz Development Platform.
Who uses the Platform?
System integrators - who may be contract developers, Value Added Resellers and/or in-house IT teams - are typically tasked with building these solutions. They may use any combination of high-level programming languages such as Microsoft.NET, Java and PHP, or enterprise software toolsets. (ex., SAP/ABAP or Sage/ProvideX and more recently, SalesForce/, etc.)

For Fortune 500-sized companies, this isn't typically a problem, but not everyone has a Fortune 500-sized budget or an internal IT department.
So what is it?
The Oz Development Platform is a better/easier/faster way to build and deliver business solutions.

It was created to bridge the gap between vendor specific languages and toolsets and high-level development languages that require full time staff to create and support.

If you are a vendor or service provider for multiple systems/platforms, or if you work with systems that don't have a development platform, this gives you one toolset to easily build, deliver and manage custom solutions.

We maintain an extensive library of adapters that allow you to connect with an almost limitless number of systems and endpoints. This means that you don't have to worry about intricate technical details that can slow your project down and lead to hard-to-fix bugs. Instead, you can concentrate on creating the business logic relevant to your customer's needs
Why use the Oz Development Platform?
First and foremost, we use it to build all of our OzLINK solutions, so we know it works. You get access to the same tools our developers use, and a set of examples to get you started.

We have more than 10,000 customers that love us. Your customers will love you too!