for use with QuickBooks
PostaLink is the simplest way to link information between QuickBooks and the USPS. PostaLink simplifies shipping by sharing information in real-time between all versions of QuickBooks and the USPS/Endicia. A simple download enables you to start saving time and money today. The only cost is $29.95/month for your Endicia for PostaLink account. There are no hidden support, update or any other costs to use PostaLink.
How to get started
  1. Download PostaLink.
  2. Sign up for an Endicia for PostaLink account.
    If you already have an Endicia account simply call Endicia at 800-576-3279 or email to convert your account type to an Endicia for PostaLink account type.
  3. Download the Endicia Premium Suite from
    You will need to login to your account and under the My Account tab go to the downloads section to find the Endicia Premium Suite.
  4. Configure Dazzle (which is part of the Endicia Premium Suite) to work with your printer.
  5. Launch PostaLink, click the Connect button to connect PostaLink to QuickBooks and you are ready to ship.
Minimum system requirements for PostaLink
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP
  • Broadband internet access
  • Endicia for PostaLink Subscription
  • Latest version of DAZzle software (included with Endicia)