A "must have" for every Great Plains user who ships packages!
OzLINK is a multi-carrier shipping solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. It seamlessly integrates all three major carriers into your current GP environment. Address and order information is automatically sent to the appropriate carrier while tracking numbers and delivery charges are automatically posted back to GP. This easy and automated process allows you to ship more packages in less time; while typing errors, importing, exporting, cutting and pasting are all eliminated.
OzLINK works with the most robust shipping interfaces available for the three most popular carriers: UPS WorldShip, USPS Endicia, and FedEx Ship Manager.
OzLINK is different from all other shipping solutions currently available. It is designed, sold, delivered and maintained as an "on-demand" service rather than a software package that you have to purchase now and buy upgrades for as soon as one of the carriers announces a rate change. OzLINK is always up-to-date and always up-to-spec. Whether Microsoft upgrades Dynamics or UPS upgrades WorldShip, your shipping process is never interrupted.
While OzLINK does require a live Internet connection to operate, your package throughput is NOT dependant on the speed of your connection. OzLINK's cutting edge "hybrid" architecture takes full advantage of both the Internet and your computer's local processing power.
A Fit for Everyone
OzLINK comes standard with most of the features required by most shippers. Having said that, we know many shippers have unique business rules that separate them from their competition. If our built-in setup falls short of what you need, no problem, we can infinitely customize OzLINK to your specific needs. Just call and tell us what you need.
Risk Free
You can be shipping with OzLINK in 5 minutes. Really! The entire download is less than 2MB! The 15-day Trial is 100% functional and 100% free. And if you happen to be the first person that doesn't like OzLINK, no problem again, our uninstall option works as easily as the install. What have you got to lose?