A Multi-Carrier Solution For QuickBooks Users!

OzLINK is a multi-carrier shipping solution for QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online Edition. It seamlessly enables simultaneous use of UPS, FedEx and USPS shipping with QuickBooks. Simple to use, OzLINK sends address and order information from QuickBooks to the appropriate carrier and returns tracking numbers and shipping charges automatically to QuickBooks.

This fast, easy and automated process allows you to ship more packages in less time completely eliminating errors caused by retyping and cutting and pasting.

Multi-carrier shipping using carrier provided software
Auto-select carrier based on your ship via codes
Transaction types
Sales Orders
Sales Receipts
Use a combination of documents!
Multiple settings for posting shipping costs
Display costs as a description
Apply costs as shipping charge
Automatically calculate and apply a user defined handling charge
Personalize with flexible update settings
Add tracking numbers to transactions
Add carrier, service, and order weight
Add shipment date
Software and support as a service
Fully automated software updates
Telephone and email support included
Protects you against changes in QuickBooks and carrier software
Supports all QuickBooks versions
QuickBooks Online Edition
QuickBooks Pro
QuickBooks Premier
QuickBooks Enterprise
Carrier billing options automation
Bill third-party
Bill recipient
Bill shipper
Carrier service options automation
Email notification
Signature delivery
Saturday delivery
Saturday pickup