QuickStart Guide


Before Installation

  • Make sure QuickBooks is installed and running well.
  • Make sure your carrier software (UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, or Endicia Dazzle & PC Postage for the USPS)  is installed and running well (you've made several successful shipments).

Installing OzLINK


Your First Shipment with OzLINK

1. Make sure all of the following programs are running, started in this order:
  • QuickBooks (logged in as a user with appropriate permissions)
  • OzLINK Toolbar
  • Carrier Software (UPS WorldShip, for example)
2. Find an existing transaction number in QuickBooks that you would like to ship.  A transaction number can be any of the following:
  • An Invoice number
  • A Sales Receipt number
  • If you turn the option on (details), a Sales Order
3. Type the transaction number into the OzLINK Toolbar and press Enter to begin the information transfer.  (This may happen automatically if you scanned a barcode).  (More about the OzLINK Toolbar)
4.  If OzLINK already knows about the shipping method in this QuickBooks transaction, it will move the shipping information to the corresponding carrier software.  If the Shipping Method selected in QuickBooks doesn't exactly match a known shipping method, OzLINK will ask you to select the correct shipping method to use, then it will move the information.  This selection will be saved automatically for future use.  For more information about shipping methods see: Translate Shipping Methods\
5.  In your carrier software, enter any additional information required, and process the shipment.
6.  OzLINK now records details about the shipment (Date, Weight, Tracking Number, etc) in the transaction you were using.  Verify that these details have been recorded successfully.

Settings and Customization

Congratulations!  Now you can customize OzLINK to fit your needs.  Refer to the rest of this user guide to set up: